There are a whole bunch of shows, I must say, in which I simply don't know who these people are. A lot of general-circulation magazines today are really television magazines. People magazine is a television magazine. Look at these people. Who are they? Who are Mindy and Mork? I mean, I've never seen the show. And yet, they're obviously extremely well-known.
Chapter 5 The Reign of Darkness
“But are you sure of that, Frances?” asked Julia, as recollections crowded in upon her mind, “are you sure of that? for I am certain it is impossible for him to love Lady Susan, or any one, as much as—as he loves—that is, seems to love—those he has always loved.”
I felt a great weight taken off my mind by this promise: but even this was not all, for Peggotty went on to say:
'Me, ma'am?' returned Peggotty, staring. 'Lord bless you, no!'
* * *
Twelve: To Sleep-Perchance to Die!
The kitten gave a feeble mew and began sniffing the ground.
Griffon Or ran a puzzled hand round his halo of curls. 'Blofeld, is it? Well, well.' He looked accusingly at Bond. 'Forgive me, but you certainly have wasted plenty of my, of the College's time. Commander Bond. It is a mystery to me why you did not mention this man's name before. Now let me see, Blofeld, Blofeld. Seem to recall that it came up at one of our Chapter meetings the other day. Now who had the case? Ah, yes.' He reached for a telephone among the nest of books and papers. 'Give me Sable Basilisk.'
Sluggsy had followed me. He grinned. "No dice, baby. We don't know nuthin' about this guy. So Horror and me's sleepin' either side of you. Just to see you're not disturbed. Rest of the keys is put away ready for the move. There's just this Number 40 and nuthin' else." He turned to the Englishman. "Hey, limey. What's your name?"
Three: Spring's Awakening
Bond shut the windows and rang for his breakfast. When it came there was a note from Fraulein Bunt on the tray. 'The Count will be pleased to receive you at eleven o'clock. I.E.'
'Mr. Dick,' said my aunt, 'you have heard me mention David Copperfield? Now don't pretend not to have a memory, because you and I know better.'
And Porfilio looked like he was struggling….
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